Space Framing


Space Framing was founded by two carpenters, Max and Adam. Having worked together on different projects in the past we realised how much we shared in direction, energy and commitment. Starting up our own business seemed very natural.

The combined strengths of Max and Adam means a wealth of practical experience, vision and eye for detail mix with a phenomenal work ethic and skilled project management.


Adam Ness

From his training in furniture making, Adam is able to draw on fine cabinetry precision, but doesn’t get too bogged down in detail.
The son of a gentleman builder in Bristol, Adam has always been involved within the trades.
His drive and high output rates are a great asset to the company, helping to keep jobs moving forward with effortless speed.
He loves a tight schedule almost as much a list.
Hardworking and incredibly organised, with Adam onsite deadlines are met and clients well informed.


Max Bradbury

Max has a great eye for detail and a passion to make sure everything is delivered to the highest standard possible.
He is the only man in Bristol who thinks that a 0.5mm tolerance is too high. King of the string line, Max strives for perfection.
Max’s passion for things practical was instilled from a young age from his father, a cabinetmaker and mum, an artist from Sussex.
Max is also the comedian onsite, even down to the way he walks. Seeing him come through the door will always brighten your day.

We have also built a great team of like minded skilled trades with whom we have worked on many projects over the years. Each person bringing their own expertise and great work ethic to help deliver truly beautiful spaces.