Space Framing

Kellaway Avenue
Rear extension, Bristol.
Our most recent project, an extensive rear extension boasting some quality design and high end detailing. 

Firstly a spacious kitchen diner boasting a hand crafted kitchen welcomes you at the back of the property. Exposed Douglas Fir joists line the ceiling, cutting through the generous skylights scattering incoming light across the light oak floor and quartz worktops.

As you walk through the kitchen you reach a link kitchenette which connects the main kitchen with a new ensuite bedroom. Extensive glazing along the garden side elevations draws light into the living spaces highlighting the internal detailing.

On the outside all the elevations have been clad in Equitone Linea panels. An intricate pattern of triangles all cut from full sheets frame out the brass door and window reveals. The meticulous layout and 10mm shadow gaps illustrate the craftsmanship and attention to detail, all contributing to the crisp and stylish design.